Special Interview with Tsui Hon Kwong

Tsui Hon Kwong is a retired school teacher from Hong Kong.  Despite his quiet demeanor he is a passionate socialist, unionist and political activists - all rolled into one. He is a member and firm supporter of the Hong Kong Democratic Party, a member of the Professional Teacher’s Union and formerly a member of the Hong Kong Alliance In Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China. Although he has since resigned from the Hong Kong Alliance In Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China, he would be seeking reelection in the coming months. His socialist upbringing and his ideological support for the former strongman, Chin Peng from the now defunct Communist Party of Malaysia has provided him with a universal outlook that the common interest of the working class supersedes national or racial interest.Why the principals of socialism and upholding the rights of the working class is as relevant today as it was yesterday. Tsui Hon Kwong flips the pages of history so that readers can better prepare themselves for the lessons of tomorrow. 



Interview with Dr.Chee Soon Juan, Secretary General of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP): Discusses about life after bankruptcy, what the SDP offers to the Singaporean voter, what Singaporeans really want and his plans for the 2016 general elections

Dr.Chee Soon Juan, the Secretary General of the SDP spoke his mind about his imminent ‘retirement’ from bankruptcy, future plans for Singapore, its challenges and what SDP can do for the average Singaporean. Democratically speaking he provided an overview of what issues were close to the hearts of Singaporeans and what they really want

Are u glad you are finally able to clear your bankruptcy and able to stand for elections? What are your thoughts?

It is not official yet. The official assignee will have their say on it and I think I still have to go to court to declare that I am not bankrupt and annul the bankruptcy. So far if they ( Mr Goh Chok Tong and Mr Lee Kuan Yew) do not go back on their word then it would be a matter of formality before the official assignee does his job. I understanding that it would take a several weeks for the annulment of my bankruptcy. (As of 23nd November 2012, DrChee Soon Juan will no longer be bankrupt according to the government’s Insolvency and Public Trustee's Office. He has also publicly announced that he will be standing for the 2016 coming general elections)

Interview with Goh Meng Seng former NSP Secretary General : Discusses about changes in Singapore and how it would affect the PAP and the opposition parties in Singapore

GohMengSeng,  currently based in Hong Kong and the former NSP Secretary General provides a rare glimpse into the role of the PAP and the opposition political parties that would contests in the coming 2016 general elections in Singapore. What are some of the apprehensions of the PAP and the opposition parties as they seek to form the next government.

Do you have any regrets stepping down from active politics in Singapore? Was the decision to step down as the Secretary General of NSP based on purely personal reasons? Or were there other considerations?

Politics encompasses a wider scope for me apart from partisan electoral process. I have no regrets to step down as Secretary General of NSP and taking a back seat for partisan politics at the moment. There will always be opportune time to do something else when there are enough good people to take up the role.

Interview with Tan Wah Piow : Prelude to the Post Lee Kuan Yew Era

Tan Wah Piow is the exiled former President of the University of Singapore Students Union. He is currently an outspoken critic of the Singapore government and a proponent of the rule of law. He has recently published a recent book recently entitled 'Smokescreens & Mirrors' that basically rebuts the 1987 allegation that Tan was the mastermind behind the Marxist Plot to turn Singapore into a Marxists State. Tan calls the Marxist plot to overthrow the government baseless and an attempt by the government to invoke the ISA laws to deny him the right to be tried in the courts. Afraid of being incarcerated by the Singapore government Tan fled Singapore almost 36 years ago and has since been a citizen of the United Kingdom. Tan’s recent book calls for a reclaim of fundamental rights to freedom of speech and assembly, and the rejuvenation of bi-partisan politics in Singapore. He understands the need for an open society in Singapore and the role of the opposition in Singapore that has become an alternative voice of the people. Roy EdwardsIII a freelance correspondent, caught up with Tan recently in Thailand where he was delivering an address to the Foreign Correspondents Club in Thailand regarding the prelude to the Post Lee Kuan Yew era. He was joined by another author, political activists and lawyer Teo Suh Lung who wrote the book “Escape from the Lion’s Paw”. The event was hosted by Danthong Breen, the Chairman of the Union for Liberty based in Thailand.