Green Earth Society – Interview with an Environmental NGO and their work in Johor Malaysia

Asian thinker recently caught up with Sivakumar Packirisamy, the President of the Green Earth Society (GES) in Johor. It tries to go behind the scene to better understand some of the challenges and responsibilities of GES especially when it comes to tackling environmental deprivation and ensuring a sustainable environment that would be conducive for the people of Johor and Malaysia.

Dignity. Empowerment. Reintegration. How WONDER Works Nepal is helping women to reclaim their lives.

Bimala Khatri joined WONDERWorks Nepal in June 2014 as their Project Manager, helping to set up and support their Small Business programme. She was recently promoted to Administrative Officer and works closely with exploited young girls and women who work in the entertainment sector of Kathmandu

HALO Trust Explosive Ordnance Clearance program in Laos PDR and what it means to the people of Laos

The HALO Trust, an international NGO was founded in 1988 in response to the global humanitarian catastrophe caused by landmines. The problem was particularly acute in Afghanistan where thousands of civilians were being killed or injured by landmines and their presence was preventing the return of refugees. Its founders, Colin Mitchell, Guy Willoughby and Susan Mitchell, witnessed first-hand the devastation caused by landmines and other explosive remnants of war in Afghanistan and their resolve led to the creation of HALO Trust.

Why saving the environment and the eco system in Singapore is top priority for Tony O’ Dempsey

Tony O'Dempsey is a GIS and Remote Sensing professional who has been living in Singapore for the past 20 years. He is active as a noted conservationist in Singapore and a council member of Nature Society (Singapore). He has previously served as the Chairman of the Plant Group. Tony has participated in flora and fauna surveys throughout Singapore and his interests are in botany and history are well known amongst nature lovers. He has also been involved in Nature Conservation in Singapore for the past 15 years and most recently played an active role in NSS' proposals and in the Cross Island Line proposal with the Land Transport Authorities (LTA).