Why saving the environment and the eco system in Singapore is top priority for Tony O’ Dempsey

Tony O'Dempsey is a GIS and Remote Sensing professional who has been living in Singapore for the past 20 years. He is active as a noted conservationist in Singapore and a council member of Nature Society (Singapore). He has previously served as the Chairman of the Plant Group. Tony has participated in flora and fauna surveys throughout Singapore and his interests are in botany and history are well known amongst nature lovers. He has also been involved in Nature Conservation in Singapore for the past 15 years and most recently played an active role in NSS' proposals and in the Cross Island Line proposal with the Land Transport Authorities (LTA).

Exclusive interview with the founder of OMI and his mission of standing up for democracy in Myanmar

Interview with Aye Kyaw, the Executive Director of Open Myanmar Initiative (OMI). OMI, was founded in 2013, and an open non-political NGO conceived as a think tank and research center as well as education and training center promoting the ideals of the Burmese democratic movement.

Background of Aye Kyaw 

Aye Kyaw co-founded an organization called the Burma Youth Liberation Front, which fought for democratic rights in Myanmar. He also opposed the cancellation of results of Myanmar´s general elections in 1990, won by National League for Democracy. Due to his protests he was arrested in 1992 and spent 6 years in prison. After his release, he continued his human rights and democratic activities. He also volunteered in activities of Former Political Prisoners Organization /FPPS/ and was elected a Member of FPPS Working Committee. He is also a member of 88 Generation Students, a group of former student leaders of pro-democracy movement founded in 1988. 


Avoiding Environmental Disasters

This article looks at conservancy issues in Pahang state (Pahang water basin project), preservation of the environment, anti-mining issues as well as the preservation of wildlife and fauna. Today’s NGOs’ are more collaborative and more proactive than before. Yasmin Rashid shares her thoughts as a founder of Eco Knights and Chairperson of Malaysian Environmental NGOs (MENGO) on what it means to mobilize ourselves as well as available resources to better tackle natural disasters. She shares with readers her game plan where everyone needs to do their part to avoid natural tragedies. Having an understanding of the potential disasters to avoid is just the beginning of understanding the mindset that is needed in Malaysia which is still at its infancy stage. Malaysians need to better understand their collective roles and responsibilities and to face the challenges of tomorrow. Yasmin looks at the challenges, problems and solutions facing environmentalists as they try to reconcile commercial business interests and environmental interests

Cambodian Advocate for children Rights – taking a step towards human rights and greater dignity for children in Cambodia

Program Officer, Rathnak Phorn from the NGO COMMITTEE ON THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD called NGOCRC for short. He talks openly about his role in NGORC and the challenges surrounding children rights in Cambodia. With the problems of human trafficking and cross border trafficking rife, and very little juvenile justice laws in place in Cambodia and with the criminal justice system still emerging, the NGOCRC shares their struggle to act as an advocate for children rights in Cambodia.