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23-8 5:29:03 Guest_8556 Among the many factors contributing towards belly fat in humans, slow metabolism is stated to be one of the important factors. Apart from this factor, there are other factors like inappropriate diet, lack of physical activity and genetics that contribute towards weight gain in individuals. For those looking for how to lose belly fat naturally, it is better to look for ways that will help with boosting the rate of metabolism. The Fat Shrinking Signal is the step-by-step slimming program which helps you to turn off your hidden hormonal disorder and activates your belly shrinking signal that helps you to strips away your ugly fat in only 10 minutes. So that you can visibly see a toned and trim body which is firm to the touch without any long grueling workouts or dangerous starvation diets. It is a scientifically proven method and has been developed by Derek Wahler CTT. Losing belly fat can be a very severe problem. This is because this fat is very stubborn and cannot be burnt easily. This is why it is easy to put on weight, but when you have to get rid of it, it is not easy and you have to think of something like the ayurvedic medicine to lose belly fat. Figura capsule is the best ayurvedic medicine to lose belly fat naturally. It helps to maintain slim and fit figure in an effective manner. Excessive weight is called as obesity. In the world today, there are millions of people who are overweight or obese. The problem is very acute because of the increase in the number of childhood obesity. There are many kids who become obese right from a very young age. Figura capsule is the best ayurvedic treatment for weight loss. It helps to reduce body weight and get slim figure naturally. Obesity is a killer condition that most people do not understand. Obesity is an abnormal increase in the weight of a person above the normal an average person of that particular age and height. Figura capsule is the best weight loss treatment to reduce excessive body fat. It helps to prevent obesity problem naturally. When it comes to individuals looking for ways to lose weight, the popular approach is to rely on appetite suppressants. Here, when it comes to the selection of an appetite suppressant, the individuals looking for weight loss should be careful about selecting the one that will not cause any side effects. Appetite suppressants generally play an important role when it comes to helping men and women to lose weight. But, the suppressant should be safe. Slim-N-Trim capsules are ayurvedic appetite suppressant remedies to reduce body weight. Weight gain can happen due to a number of reasons such as endocrine imbalance, aging, improper eating, stress, sleep disorders, fluid retention, intake of certain medicines etc. Excess weight gain around the tummy or loss of energy due to weight gain can be troublesome. Figura capsule is one of the herbal supplements to lose excess weight and get a proper body shape. It helps to improve overall physique naturally. In this
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23-8 5:24:01 Guest_5504 Potassium is one of the most important minerals required by human beings. It is essential to proper functioning of several vital organs like the brain, the heart, kidneys and also the muscular system. There are several foods that are rich in potassium and provide all the essential amounts of potassium. However, it can be gained only if a person has a balanced diet inclusive of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. People who do not have a balanced diet usually suffer from potassium deficiency. It is a medical condition which is commonly known as 'Hypokalemia'. There are several symptoms associated with hypokalemia, headache being one of them.How Does Low Potassium Cause HeadacheThe potassium as a mineral, when dissolved in fluids, holds electrical properties. Therefore, it is termed as an electrolyte. This mineral is specifically important for proper functioning of muscles and nerve cells. Proper functioning of the muscles or contraction and relaxation of muscles, specially those of heart muscles, is possible only due to the mineral potassium. Maintaining of normal blood pressure and energy metabolism, and such tasks also involve use of potassium by the body. Low potassium is a condition that occurs when one does not acquire adequate amounts of potassium from the diet. This is one of the leading causes of cardiovascular diseases and stroke in people.At the same time, headache is also one of the major symptoms of low potassium. People suffering from low levels of potassium suffer from periodic or even chronic headaches. Actually, headache can be caused due to several causes and conditions. However, deficiency of potassium cannot be ruled out, as it is one of the leading causes of headaches that last for a long time or appear in intervals. Cluster headaches and migraine are two types that can be caused due to deficiency of potassium in human beings.It should be noted that along with headache, there are several other low potassium symptoms which appear simultaneously. Irritability, anxiety, muscle cramps, fatigue, weakness, insomnia, frequent thirst, nausea, vomiting, constipation, depression, confusion, etc. One should also remember that as potassium is one of the essential minerals required for proper functioning of the vital organs like the heart and the brain; lack of this mineral in the diet can be life-threatening. Therefore, if frequent headaches, occurring without any reason, are observed along with other symptoms, one should consult the doctor immediately.Deficiencies of minerals and vitamins can be corrected by having a diet rich in the lacking vitamin and mineral. People suffering from potassium deficiency are advised to have a diet inclusive of potassium rich foods. Foods like bananas, citrus fruits, almonds, avocados, green leafy vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes, milk, etc contain high amounts of potassium, and hence, can help in reversing the condition. Similarly, the doctor may prescribe oral potassium medications or supplements, dependi
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23-8 4:50:12 Guest_2938 The game of skateboarding entails performing various stunts as well as tricks with the help of a skateboard. It's a popular sport in the USA. There are many different websites where one can have fun with free skateboarding games on the internet and exercise their skateboarding skills in a virtual atmosphere. The scenarios provided in a variety of skateboarding games is actually different. But, the basic idea of trying out different skateboarding skills remains the same.Online Gaming It's a technology which connects the gamers across a network. The web is actually the biggest of all networks for web based gaming where people have many different possibilities and online Pc games to select from. With broadband Internet becoming easily accessible in developed countries, multi player online games have improved in number. The sword fighting online games, skateboarding and car games are actually the most popular ones. There are games which are many for skateboarding out there on different sites. Short descriptions of games that are different are provided in the succeeding paragraphs.Online Skateboarding Games There are numerous different websites that give web-based gaming services. These games are actually fun to play. One can perform various tips and show off his skills by means of these games.Downhill Jam: The' Downhill Jam' skateboarding game is actually a free flash game. Graphics of this game are better in quality. Through this game, the player has to move down a hill and collect shoes and money as he advances ahead. The difficulty level of this game is rather high which makes it difficult to get past the different levels. Scenarios are however, a little repetitive. The degree of difficulty tends to make the game difficult and consequently, worth playing. A shoe manufacturing company referred to as Etnies has brought the game online.GMax Skateboarding Online Game: It's an easy-to-play online skateboarding game produced by' Grey Digital'. Gmax Skateboarding is actually an older game in comparison to other online games. The simple format and controls that are easy have led to the rise in popularity of this game. Scenario presented to the user is the fact that of a half pipe in which the skater has to perform score points and different techniques. A excessive score attained by the gamer is actually published for others to see.Street Sesh: The' Street Sesh' is another skateboarding game, which is created by' Etnies'. In this particular game the gamers/users are supplied with a neighborhood scenario. The participant has to move through a fast paced street, dodging automobiles, other vehicles.Skateboard Jam and buses : In this particular game, a person has to keep moving downhill and gather the coins he lies in the fashion. The gamer is able to choose from 4 different characters. As the player moves downhill, he can perform tricks like jumping onto the rails as well as benches. Performing the tips could be a fun activity and truly enjoyable. One should
23-8 4:50:07 Guest_7334 Okay so I forgot to put in the contests winners photo so here it is---->>>Ashleey Rowe won the contest with her 'Robot Love' pic lol the drawing is cute huh? Lol thanks to Ashleey for submitting it! So here chapter TEN!!!"Where'd you go? I miss you so Seems like it's been forever Since you been gone Please come back home.." Where'd you go-Fort Minor ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I swear you guys are so much fun to watch. It's like pre-teen drama." Diana said while sipping a slushee. We were wandering around the amusement park after almost going on all the rides. Michael had kept his distance and I couldn't help but side glance at him every so often.He never looked back or met my eyes seeing that I was holding Alex's hand. After a few hours, I had stopped caring. I made a mistake and so did he. I was going to leave it at that. "You don't have to feel bad about holding my hand, Alaina." Alex whispered in my ear. He stopped me and let Diana and Michael get ahead before we started walking again. I stared at his chocolate brown eyes and waited for something. Like goose bumps or butterflies in my stomach. But just as I expected: NOTHING. I composed myself though and let him say what he wanted to say."I know it's a long shot, me being with you I mean, but couldn't we just try? Michael doesn't get it. I do. You just need to understand that." Alex blushed and looked down. How wrong he is, I thought. Alex was the one who didn't understand. He doesn't know what Michael and I have been through together. Being kidnapped, beat senseless, surviving a shooting, and so many other things. I didn't want to answer him though so instead I pulled him until we were walking again. I stared at the ground as my eyes filled with tears. "Let go of her hand, I need to talk to her." I looked up and saw Michael with his face in Alex's. Alex tightened his grip on my hand."It's okay. I want to talk to him." I told Alex. Alex gave me a wary look but he let go and ran to catch up with Diana.I sat down on a nearby bench and waited for Michael to do the same. He didn't. He just stood in front of me. I stood up then too and thoughts clouded my mind."Michael, I just wanted to say-"I began to say."I seriously don't want to hear it, Alaina. And that's not the reason I wanted to talk to you. Have you seen this? It was posted on the amusement park bulletin board." Michael handed me the front page of a newspaper and I slowly began to read:BODIES OF MISSING CHILDREN FOUND.'The bodies of Alaina Jolie Rodrick and Michael Afton Greene have been found. The bodies were discovered by a hiker who had smelt something burning. The bodies were so badly decomposed and burnt that any hope of the parents seeing their children was lost. DNA was also difficult but the bodies were at the exact height and likeness to the missing kids. The search for these children which began 3 months ago has been stopped. All we can do now is give our condolences to their families. And to Alaina and
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23-8 4:38:09 Guest_4458 The following helmet camera comparison tells us about the things that one should look for in a helmet camera, and also about some of the best helmet camera models that are available in the market. Have a look... As the name suggests, a helmet camera is attached to the helmet, making it easy for the users to record their POV or point of view, during various activities that need to be recorded or documented. Also called a bullet camera or micro video camera, a helmet camera is the best solution for people who can't use hand-held cameras while carrying out particular tasks like paragliding, mountaineering, backpacking, rock climbing, hiking, cycling, motor racing, bungee jumping, and such other adventure sporting activities. On the other hand, people who are a part of certain serious situations like military, police, and rescue missions, also use helmet cameras. The first one is believed to have been used in the year 1987, for recording a mountain biking video. Since then, these cameras have evolved tremendously. From the large and heavy cameras with complicated wiring and features, today's cameras are pretty trendy and user-friendly. There are various types of helmet cameras, and hence, choosing the best one needs a little bit of research on your part. Refer to the following sections of this article for some tips.Choosing the Best Helmet CameraThere are a few touchstones that you may need to use while choosing the best helmet camera for yourself. Along with the weight, size and price of the cameras, you need to check for various other specifications and performance measures of the brands that you want to purchase. Some of the most basic things include, the sensor size, video FPS (frames per second) rate, degree of the field of view (FOV), sound quality of the video, clarity of video, color selection and editing modes, pixels, lighting compensation, video editing modes, remote control features, mounting types, video playback and preview, battery life, memory status, outputs for TVs and computers, USB ports, etc. Also check whether the camera that you want to purchase is waterproof and lightweight. Along with the first impression, you may also need to test video capturing, lighting and audio features of the camera, to clear all your doubts. When it comes to the best cameras, there are a few most reliable brands around. Let's compare these brands to find out the winner.GoPro HD Hero 960P This is one of the most popular helmet camera. Although small in size, this camera is pretty good to be used as a helmet camera. The 5 megapixel camera comes with an adjustable field of view (54 or 170), good sensor size of 513 x 384, various mounting types, and still photography features. The camera is also useful for clicking still photos. It has got good reviews for color, image and lighting clarity. GoPro HD Hero 960P comes with a lithium battery with the capacity of two hours. The camera has 16 MB internal memory and 2 GB expandable memory with an SD card. The
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23-8 4:37:20 Guest_1057 Did You Know?After the widespread publicity about the dangers of sodium benzoate, Coca Cola, in 2008, decided to reformulate their beverage without adding this compound. Sodium benzoate is well-known for its antimicrobial properties; hence, it is often added in soft drinks and processed foods to lengthen their shelf life. So, when it is used as an additive, it protects food from disease-causing bacteria, yeast, and molds. This compound is naturally found in small amounts in a wide range of fruits, which is not something to worry about. However, the one that is synthesized artificially can be detrimental to health. → Although sodium benzoate helps in preventing mold growth, its interaction with ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is a cause for grave concern. Its reaction with vitamin C produces benzene that is notorious for causing cancer in humans. A host of studies have shown that long-term exposure to benzene can lead to bone marrow failure and leukemia (blood cancer). → Also, there is a possibility that benzene levels may increase with increase in room temperature and exposure to light. So, on a hot summer day, the soft drink that is kept in your car or the processed juice placed on the store shelf might have higher benzene levels than the prescribed limits for human consumption. → The salad dressing packets, jams available in glass jars, fruit juices packed in tetra packs, pickles sold in small pouches, or packaged shredded cheese, all contain sodium benzoate in small amounts. So, one should not externally add vitamin C to these products in order to prevent any sort of harmful reaction. → Apart from its well-established carcinogenic nature, benzene can damage the liver, lungs, brain, and the heart. It is proven that benzene can alter DNA and cause mutations, eventually leading to cancer. Benzene particularly targets the mitochondria of DNA to cause damage. This benzene-induced DNA damage can also trigger the onset of neurological problems such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. → Taking into account the fatal impact of this deadly combination, in 2006 - 2007, the FDA examined samples of various soft drinks that were sold under different brands. Four beverages that had vitamin C and sodium benzoate as their active ingredients were found to have benzene levels, much higher than the permitted range. The FDA alerted the associated brands, which later reformulated the drinks to bring down the benzene concentration to safe levels. → Sodium benzoate as a preservative is approved by the USFDA and credited with the 'GRAS' status. Presently, the FDA approves up to 0.1% of benzoate in foods. The FDA asserts that benzoate in moderation is not harmful. Sodium benzoate in our diet majorly comes from soft drinks. Too much consumption of soft drinks can raise benzoate levels substantially and increase health risk. → It has also been detected in numerous cosmetic products. So, caution has to be exercised when using cosmetics, to reduce its exposure.
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23-8 4:30:43 Guest_3487 Did You Know?Larry Norman, often described as the Grandfather of Christian Rock, in the year 1969, recorded and released the first commercial rock album on Jesus―"Upon This Rock".Christian Rock music is for die-hard Christian music enthusiasts. It was not welcomed by the secular world as it was considered sexual in nature. Religious folks in the U.S. were particularly apprehensive about their kids getting exposed to this kind of music.Launched in 1950, rebuked by many and unsure of it being the right medium for the spreading the gospel, it was less successful in the U.K. and Europe. However, Bryn Haworth―Christian music artist―was a major hit with his Christian themes blended in blues and mainstream rock music style as also the Crusaders―first Christian music band.Here's Buzzle's compilation of bands belting out numbers with gospel messages in the modern rock style. The list is not based on rankings or popularity. * Click on the names for more info. Origin: Grayson, KentuckyGenre: Christian rock, alternative rock, contemporary Christian musicOperative Years: 1986-2007, 2012-presentMembers: Will McGinniss, Josh Engler, Jared Byers, Dwayne LarringDescription: Earlier this band was called A-180, and they were a hit initially. Due to their rising popularity, every school was keen to book them for the weekend. They had performed over 100 shows, and released two singles. Due to these releases, executives from Forefront Records approached the band and offered them a record deal; however, the band had to change their name to Audio Adrenaline. After disbanding in 2007, their fans urged the members to reunite, which they did in 2012. Albums: Audio Adrenaline (1992), Don't Censor Me (1993), Underdog (1999), Lift (2001), Kings
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