Hello I'm Andrian!

"Those books are only applicable to the Western world..." I'm sure many of you Asian readers have heard some variation of this. We all know that's furthest from the truth, but are there literature that is born out of Asia and how applicable are they?

I have a fascination for all things East and South East Asian, be it cultural, food or business. I'm here to try and uncover Asian business wisdom, demystify cultural norms and question long standing beliefs. I'll being doing it through books, discussions, introspection and observations.

I'm 4th generation Indonesian Chinese currently the CEO of our family business dealing with industrial equipment, challenging myself to transform it from a traditional to modern business. I'm also expanding our business overseas and at the moment trying to understand the intricacies of the Thailand market. One day my dream is to have a regional presence and ultimately be in China.

I always believe that if my great grand father can leave China with nothing and make it in a less connected and less abundant world, so can I.

Man of Contradictions

Where and What is the Gap?

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